How to Reset Hp Xiaomi Without Removing Data And Applications

Xiaomi factory reset - How to reset hp xiaomi without deleting existing data and applications on the device? Not a few of the android phone users, especially xiaomi, often asks whether the reboot will delete all existing data on xiaomi phone owned. Of course "Yes!", For that every time we will reset the initial settings to restore the phone xiaomi as originally suggested to backup the android app before factory reset. But did you know that there is still a way hard reset xiaomi redmi note 3 without removing the application ?

Reset the android smartphone without losing the data of this application more precisely if we use to overcome the problem of mobile phone that too much store data in internal memory causing android device become slow. To do a factory reset that does not remove this application is quite different, not through the hp settings but must go into recovery mode first. So how do I enter recovery mode in hp xiaomi we have it ? Although without deleting the data and applications that exist in hp xiaomi, restarting through wipe cache in recovery mode can already make hp xiaomi like a new android phone.

Therefore on this occasion our Tips and Tutorial Smatphone will try to provide information on how to reset to the initial settings but the application is not erased in hp xiaomi. In addition to deleting many stored cache files in internal memory, resetting hp xiaomi through recovery mode can also be used to overcome locked hp screen due to forgot pattern and also as a requirement when will upgrade ROM MIUI hp xiaomi to latest version. And no doubt after we do factory reset on xiaomi mobile phone that we have, android device will be fresh again. For that let's just we see a review on how to factory reset in miui 8 to the initial settings but the application is not erased more details below.

How to Reset Hp Xiaomi Without Removing Data And Applications

How to Reset Hp Xiaomi Without Removing Data And Applications
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Here we will tell how to enter recovery mode in all types of hp xiaomi so we can do wipe cache partition with steps as follows :

How to enter recovery mode in hp xiaomi

1. How to Enter Recovery Mode Xiaomi Mi3

  1. How to enter Xiaomi Mi3 Recovery Mode, Press and hold Volume Up + Power button simultaneously for a few moments until MI logo appears
  2. Next just release the power button, Volume Up Button do not be released until Xiaomi entry in Recovery Mode
  3. Next select the language using the volume and confirm buttons by pressing the power button.

2. How to enter Recovery Mode Xiaomi Mi4

  1. How to enter Recovery Mode Xiaomi Mi4, Press and hold Volume Up + Power button simultaneously for a few moments until emerge MI logo, Then release the power button only, Volume Up Button do not be released until Xiaomi entry in Recovery Mode
  2. Next select the language using the volume and confirm buttons by pressing the power button.

3. How to enter Recovery Mode Xiaomi Redmi Note, Note 4G

  1. How to enter Recovery Mode Xiaomi Redmi Note, Note 4G, Press and hold Volume Down + Power button Simultaneously until enter Recovry Mode.

For more details about all types of hp xiaomi available, we can see here (How to Xaomi Factory Reset All Type Without Removing Applications)

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Thus our meeting this time that just reviewed about how to do wipe cache partition in hp xiaomi. Hopefully the steps above can provide benefits for us all ..

How To Find Someone's Location By Cell Phone Number

GPS Locations on Android - Did you know how to track someone's presence through a phone number ? Increasingly existing technology, now makes us easier to track someone by cell phone number without them knowing without having to use gps or enter the gmail address owned. This is because the more sophisticated features that exist on an android smartphone so how to find the missing android phone and not necessarily by entering imei number. Now this way to know the position of someone via hp android we can do with ease that is through hp number we have tracked the location of the person we are looking for.

How to track the existence of someone either using the internet, gps, google maps or mobile phone number is very we need more if we have a suspicious partner. But of all the ways to know the location of android phone that is, according to us the best way to find out someone's position is to use the phone number. So how do I know the position of someone through hp android by entering the existing phone number? What we need to know if we want to track the location of hp numbers in detail is we must know first the website to track the position no hp real.

Therefore on this occasion we Tips and Tutorial Smartphone will try to provide info on how to track hp numbers via satellite provider mobile provider that we use. By entering the phone number of the person we are looking for we will more easily find the location of the person's location than if we have to track the existence of someone through google maps. This is because we will sometimes find gps problems that are not accurate or not working when will look for location using gps in android phone. So from that let's just see the full review of how to track no hp via the internet below.

Tracking Someone's Position Through HP Number Using Best Ways

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Now this gps app on hp android not only serves to find the phone android lost but the rampant ojek online like grab or gojek make gps hp android more useful. In addition, the development of the gps feature is very rapidly in addition to can display a map of the location of the form of navigation on google maps now we can also find the location of someone with the phone number person.

So for the grab / mock drivers, you do not need to be confused anymore if you find customers who have the location of the house is not detected by google maps. By using the 4 ways below, we can mengetahui lokasi orang lain menggunakan hp android it has. The 4 best ways to detect the presence of a person via their mobile phone number are:

  • How To Track Location No HP With Android App
  • How To Trace Mobile Number Location Through The Site
  • How To Track Location No Mobile Phone Through SMS Service (XL Only)
  • And How to Track the Location of an HP Number Using Google Latitude (recommended)

For more details let us discuss one by one on how to find someone's position using no hp as follows:

How to track android phone location using hp number

Track No HP Location Using Android Apps

For users of android smartphone, now we can easily to know the position of one's existence. An app called "Track Phone Number HLR Lookup" is now here to help us to track the location of others using only the phone number used on the hp android it has.

In addition gps application development is able to find android phone based on existing brands, so we do not need to worry if we are looking for ham android samsung lost or want to find hp xiaomi stolen people this application can be the solution. Need for us to know, the application of mobile phone number hp sophisticated it turns out we can download for free on google playstore.

Then how to use gps in the application tracker mobile phone number? Let's just follow the steps below:

  1. First let us download and install the HLR Lookup Phone Number Track application first on the android smartphone we have.
  2. Then we just run the application tracker hp number after the install process has been completed.
  3. After that we will be faced with the main view of the application, after that enter the phone number that we will search on the column "insert mission". But if the phone number is already registered on the hp android we have, we simply choose "phonebook" only.
  4. The last step if we have entered the number and make sure the details of the phone number we are looking for is correct, just click on the "lookup" button.
  5. Then we just wait a while until the search process has been completed. If the process is finished then the location of other mobile phone number that we are looking for will be displayed on google maps application.


"Track Phone Number HLR Lookup" App, this is only support or can only detect HandPhone Number from Axis operator, Telkomsel SLJJ Area Code, Telkomsel, Indosat, XL, Three, Smartfren, Flexi, Esia and CERIA.

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Thus our post this time that we just discussed about the problem how to track the existence of someone without going through google maps. Hopefully with some ways above we can find the location of others accurately and accurately, umpteen and thank you ..

How to Sign Whatsapp Account Without Phone Number In Hp Android

Login whatsapp android - How do I enter whatsapp without having to verify phone number on hp android ? For users of whatsapp chat apps, knowing how to bypass phone number verification is something they really need. Moreover for those android smartphone users whose applications have been deleted and now want to go into whatsapp using old numbers but forget the numbers that have been registered on whatsapp they have. This is because to maintain the privacy of the owner whatsapp account, the application wa give step verification phone number to login to whatsapp account itself.

But instead of maintaining the security of personal accounts so as not to hack whatsappnya applications actually even make a failed login account wa forgot hp number that was registered first. However for us who can not enter the account wa, we do not need to create a new whatsapp account using another phone number because there is still a way to enter whatsapp solution without verification code phone number. By entering wa without verification we can get the old whatsapp account we already have. So we do not lose the old contacts that exist on our account wa first and we can restore unread messages wa on whatsapp application in hp android that we have.

How to Sign Whatsapp Account Without Phone Number In Hp Android

bypass phone number verification

Whatsapp now become one of the most popular chat apps compared to blackberry messager. With internet-based messaging, whatsapp has a variety of interesting features, such as video calls, send pictures, voicemail and without any ads inside. However, whatsapp still has flaws that one of them must register the phone number to get the verification code when creating a new account. But in this discussion we will try to give tricks how to create a new wa account without sim card in android smartphone.

How to pass verification code whatsapp android

For that let's just we see step - step into account wa without phone number in hp android completely in the following reviews:

1. Using Primo Applications

The first way to be able to login wa without phone number verification is to use the help of third parties, namely by downloading the Primo application. After the download process and install the primo application on android phone is completed, then do the following steps:

  • First open the app and select the creat account button then fill in the first name and last name field with your name.
  • After that create a username and password (eg: technoecho) and then click the sign up button.
  • Wait a while until we get the verification code for primo login.
  • For details you can see at tips whatsapp here ..

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  1. How to hide whatsapp android online status
  2. How to change writing on whatsapp android

How To Fix Wifi Can Not Be On Hp Android Asus

Wifi android can not be activated - How to fix wifi can not be on hp android asus ? When we are in the hotspot area of ​​course that we think first is to activate your hp android wifi, but what happens after you activate wifi hp asus can not live. If wifi android phone does not want to live on your mobile phone will certainly be a serious problem because you will not be able to free internet on the area of ​​free wifi. The problem of wifi error does not only happen on android smartphone but also can happen on windows phone and iOS.

Wifi hp asus zenfone can not flame can occur due to several factors, one of the causes of wifi can not be activated are the hardware and software factors. If the wifi android error is caused due to hardware factors, how to fix wifi hp asus can not be activated by way of unpacking but make sure wifi asus that can not on is not because the touch screen hp android is less sensitive. But it would be better if you bring your smartphone to the nearest hp service center in your city, because doing hardware repair by unpacking your phone is too risky.

But if the problem of wifi error due to the software factor, then how to fix damaged wifi hp asus you can try with our tips this time. Because on our occasion this time, we will try to share tips to overcome wifi android asus that does not work. For that let's just we see how to cope wifi asus phone that can not be flared completely below.

How To Fix Wifi Can Not Be On Hp Android Asus

Some things like weak signal factors, too far reach, too many cache stacks, features that attack the system, and others can be one of the reasons why android wifi does not work. Therefore we Smartphone Solution will try to share solution on how to overcome wifi can not on android asus zenfone, by megikuti following steps:

Tips Whatsapp :

How to fix wifi asus can not be on

1. Make sure Wifi is On

Ensuring that we have activated the wifi feature on android hp android is the first step we need to do before we try the next step. As long as we have not turned on the wifi asus phone, we will not be able to connect to the wifi network. To make sure the wifi is still on or off, we can do the following steps:

  • Go to Settings menu >> Wifi >> Then tap "Enable Wi-Fi".

2. Restart Android Smartphone

The easiest step that we can do and sometimes succeed in overcoming wifi android that die do not want to live is to restart. Therefore we can try to turn off and revive Android smartphone or tablet that we have. If necessary, you can also clean up all the junk files on your Android smartphone. Use the best Cleaner Application to clean the cache stack thoroughly.

3. Perform ON / OFF Repeatedly On Wifi

Sometimes one of the causes that makes wifi theater feel more difficult is poor signal quality. For that there is nothing wrong if we make sure by closer to the WiFi transmitter so that the signal quality that we get is also better. But if still not able to make Wifi on Android asus we have can successfully connect well then try to turn on and off repeatedly on the Wifi android phone.

4. Factory Reset

Factory reset is a way to fix android wifi can not be on if the third method above still can not overcome the Wifi Android asus problematic. Need to know by doing this factory reset will erase all data on HP Android us in total, so can be said this way is quite risky. And certainly all settings will be back in the default position. Before we do Factory Reset, make sure we have backup all important data.

  • Go to Settings menu >> Additional Settings >> Create Backup and Reset >> Then tap "Clear Application Data and Unloaded Applications".

5. Fixed wifi android error with root

  • Make sure the hp asus that is having problems on the wifi is already in the condition in the root and has "root explorer".
  • After downloading the file via the following link:
  • The next step to copy the file to "system / lib / modules using root explorer"
  • Then change the permissions to rw-r-r
  • Reboot
  • This step has been tried to overcome wifi hp asus zenfone 4 and succeeded ..

6. Ensure Wifi Damage

  • First off the smartphone asus zenfone that we have it.
  • Then press "power button + vol down".
  • When viewing ASUS logo, unlock your power but still press the vol down key.
  • Once it's entered in the system, you can see the lower lift angle has a save show mode.
  • If save mode is not problematic, it means application conflicts and alangklah better if you try to send to the nearest hp asus service center to do further checking.

Similarly steps - steps to repair a wifi that can not connect to hp asus that we can convey on this occasion. Hopefully the above ways can bring a better change for us all, umpteen and thank you ..

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How To Remove Camera Messages Error In Hp Asus "Multi-display is in use Camera will not record video"

Camera hp asus error - How to remove notification "Multi-display is in use. Camera will not record video" on hp android asus ? Of course we have experienced the incident where the camera hp asus can not be opened and on the android phone screen asus the error message appears when opening the camera. With the notification of camera asus error such as "Multi-display is in Use, Camera will not record" resulting in the camera asus zenfone 2 laser does not work to take the object image. So sometimes we think the camera android zenfone blank blank due to damage to the camera device hp asus we have it.

Need for us to know that hp asus can not enter the camera because the emergence of these error messages sometimes also often experienced by other android smartphone. But it's just different camera notification hp error that appears, if the hp asus visible notice "Multi-display is in Use, Camera will not record" for other android phones will usually appear notification "Can not Connect to Camera" or "Unable to Connect Camera". So what is the cause of the camera can not be accessed in hp asus zenfone? The storage capacity of multimedia mobile android asus has started full is one of the main causes of the camera can not work and the video suddenly arise Message Error Multi-display is in Use, Camera will not record.

Tips SmartphoneHow to fix camera hp asus error

Therefore on this occasion our smartphone solution will try to share tips to overcome the camera behind the android phone asus zenfone that error. Sometimes in addition to multimedia storage capacity android mobile phone asus already full, too much cache on the android device can also trigger the emergence of the camera problem hp asus error. For that there is no harm if we do the cleaning cache and application data periodically. Below is a solution of the problem of hp camera asus zenfone that does not work, let's see how to fix it completely.

How To Remove Camera Messages Error In Hp Asus "Multi-display is in use Camera will not record video"

camera asus error
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The appearance of the Multi-Display error message is in use. Cameria will not record videos on asus android smartphone often happens when we will access the camera. And usually a lot of hp asus users who claim to succeed after doing clear data on the camera to solve the camera problem can not be opened this. Let's see how to clear data on camera asus to eliminate camera error notification, as follows :

Fixed error messages Multi-display is in use. Camera will not record video hp android asus

  1. The first step we open the camera settings hp asus zenfone first
  2. Then look for the "Apps" option and select "All"
  3. After that go in the menu option "Camera"
  4. If it is signed then do "Clear Data"
  5. If the above process is completed then the next step is to turn off android smartphone that we have and turn it back on after a while (Restart android phone).

But before we do that step would be much better if we do backup all the photos and videos we have in the hp asus. This aims to avoid erasing important files that we have it after we do the process of clear data smartphone android asus zenfone.

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Similarly, reviews on how to remove the camera error notification hp camera that makes it unable to connect to the camera that we can convey on this occasion. Hopefully after reading the above reviews the problem can not get into the camera hp asus can be resolved. If there are some questions about hp android asus please to write it on the camera column, umpteen and thank you ..